Pinsos Jané-Cardedeu, S.A. is a trading company founded in 1989 that has more than 40 years of professional experience in the field of animal feed, being the continuity of Pinsos Jané S.L and merger with Pinsos Cardedeu S.A.

As the Pinsos Jané brand and the market constantly evolving, we created the Janequí brand, which covers the complementary food division for sport horses. And with the needs of the high competition market, we also created a brand for composite foods for elite horses: Elit Nutrient.

The new factory, launched at the end of 2008, is designed to elaborate our own horse food. It’s an excellent combination of high-tech mechanics and the last generation of computer automation allow us to create superior quality foods by monitoring production through a comprehensive, special design program.

We have an excellent team of professionals and all our experience in the sector at your disposal to advise you technically on any question or problem related to your horse nutrition, as well as the design and development of optional diets in those cases whatever is needed.

The new management is committed to closer collaboration with equestrian sports training centers and entrepreneurs to foster general interest in this sport and in all its disciplines. At the same time, we put at your disposal, with the new image, the information that you will find on our website and in social networks.

We aim to help you progress and make your experience with us great.