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Feed for elder horses (to fed soaked).

PACKAGE 25 kg muesli bag.


ENERGY (DE) (kcal/kg) 3.031




CRUDE FIBRE (%) 10.90


 HORSE’S AGE Eldder horse, in bad shape or with dental problems
Fur further info check: Description, nutricional info, feeding advice and technical information
Category: Equine line , Special
Tags: horse , old , senior , soaked feed


Extra feed designed to fed dry and soaked as a mash for non competitors horses, horses lacking fitness and condition or with dental issues.
Low sugar/starch content suitable for older horses
Good protein values for maintaining muscle tone and avoiding degradation.
Extra vitamins and minerals to assure a perfect digestion

Nutritional values

Crude Ash 7,38%
Crude Protein 14,80%
Crude Fat 8,23%
Crude fibre 10,90%
Starch 23,00%
Sugar 5,53%
C18-2 Ac. Linolèic 3,77%
Calcium 1,23%
P Total 0,48%
Sodium 0,23%
Magnesium 0,21%
E.D Horses 3.030 Kcal/kg
Lysine 0,86%
Methionine 0,26%
Triptòfan 0,17%
E.D. Horses 12,69 MJ/kg
Omega3 0,72%
Omega6 3,68%
Vitamin A 12.000,00 UI/kg
Vitamin D3 2.000,00 UI/kg
Vitamin E 300 mg/kg
Biotin (H) 0,90 mg/kg
Colin 0,17 g/kg
Copper (sulfat) 25,00 mg/kg
Copper (glicinat) 12,00 mg/kg
Zinc (oxide) 140,00 mg/kg
Zinc (glicinat) 19,80 mg/kg
Selenium 0,450 mg/kg
Iodium 0,500 mg/kg
Manganesium (òxid) 80,00 mg/kg
Iron (Carbonat) 100,00 mg/kg
Iron (Glicinat) 11,97 mg/kg


To be fed dry and soaked as a mash
The required amount depends on the amount of grazing and work.


Technical info

Technical information available here
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